Helping Homeless Home, Inc
Helping Homeless Home, Inc

An Arkansas non-profit dedicated to helping Arkansas' homeless veterans and others transition to a better life--with dignity.


There are many reasons to become homeless--abuse, fire, or maybe just returning to a society that has no need for someone that can drive a tank through it. And there are many programs and oganizations that will help the homeless to return to society---evven assisting with such things as rent, utilities, food and job assistance.

But there are few that provide the simple, basic necessities that make a house even begin to be a home. The things that say to one's mind that the horrible life of homelessness and abject poverty are over and that "YOU HAVE COME HOME".

A bed to lay a weary head on. A place to sit and eat a simple meal. The things that are taken for granted by so many, and basic to simple dignity. That is where we come in. We endeavor to provide these brave souls and whole families that are trying to do the right thing and return to society, return to what most of us consider a "normal" life, by providing just a very few simple things.

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