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When I got my apartment, Harry helped me out with a bed and a couple of other items. He was a godsend in helping me get settled. I strongly support this foundation.  -Jack O'Brien

During my time at the shelter, I met Harry. He came and spoke to us about what life would be like after shelter living, and gave us some tips about how to make it on our own. He also introduced us to Helping Homeless Home.


I witnessed as he helped several other get back on their fee as they left the shelter. At first I was unable to fathom being in a place of my own. But, then, I watched as Harry helped others move. So, when it was time for me to move, I know who to call.


I was still scared, but because of Harry, I knew someone cared. He guided me through moving out, and Helping Homeless Home game me some furniture and household items.


I've been in my place for several month, and when I go somewhere, I now feel grateful to come "home". With the furniture in place, I am constantly reminded that someone cares. I am immensley grateful to Harry and Helping Homeless Home. Thank you!  -Sherri Wood.

When I came to Little Rock I was homeless and terrified. Making a ne...w life for myself seemed a daunting task. But one of the first people I met was Harry and he guided me on my path to independence. What few things I had were back in St. Louis so when I finally got an apartment Helping Homeless Home, Inc. got me my basics and loaned my what I needed to live comfortably. I am grateful to them and St. Francis House. They give Vets Hope, and that is everything. I try my best to be supportive to such a good helping hand.  -Jo Anna Williams

My name is Kelli and this is my son Jace- and we are just one of the... many families that Harry has helped out through his organization! Harry was there to help me move in to my first apartment when I first moved in to the area, and even provided me with a dresser and TV stand. A few months later, we suffered through a devastating apartment fire and lost EVERYTHING. Harry provided me with a bed, nightstand, dining room table, and numerous other items. He was there to help us move in to our current apartment and even provided my son a toddler bed. He is always coming by to check on us and see if there is anything we need and has never once hesitated to help us if there was something. I will be forever grateful for his help and he has been a huge blessing in our lives. - Kelli Rudd

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